Model 5204 Dual Line Input to Dante Interface

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Product Overview

The Model 5204 Interface is a general-purpose audio device that supports applications utilizing the Dante audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology. Two 2-channel ("stereo") analog line-level audio signals can be connected to the Model 5204 and then converted to two channels on an associated Dante connection.

Analog audio signals connect to line input A by way of a 3-conductor ("stereo") 3.5 mm jack. This allows the direct interfacing of signals from a variety of sources such as personal audio and multimedia players, smartphones, and personal computers. These signals typically have an average (nominal) signal level in the range of –20 to –10 dBu. Line input B supports connection of balanced analog audio signals using two XLR connectors. Average signal levels for these types of signals are typically in the range of 0 to +4 dBu. Each input has an associated dual-channel rotary level control to optimize its audio performance. Following the level "pots" the signals from inputs A and B are summed (combined or mixed together) to create one 2-channel signal. (The channel 1 signals of line inputs A and B are summed to create output channel 1; channel 2 signals of line inputs A and B are summed to create output channel 2.) The two channels are then output by way of the Dante interface. Multi-step LED meters provide confirmation of the level of the two output audio channels.

The audio quality of the Model 5204 is excellent, with low distortion and noise and high headroom. Careful circuit design and excellent components ensure long, reliable operation. A wide range of applications can be supported, including TV, radio, and streaming broadcast events, corporate and government AV installations, and Dante system testing.

For user convenience a dedicated charging port (DCP) is provided on a standard USB type A connector. This allows powering and charging of associated devices, such as personal audio players and tablets. The compact, lightweight design allows the Model 5204 to be used in portable or desktop situations or deployed as a permanent solution in fixed applications. Standard connectors ensure fast, reliable deployment. The unit requires only an Ethernet connection to supply both the data interface as well as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power. The Model 5204's audio, data, and dedicated charging port use power provided by the PoE connection.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review