Model 370 On-Air Dante Beltpack w/5 Pin Male XLR Connector

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Model 370 Intercom Beltpack: Dante® Technology, Two Channels, 5-Pin Female Headset Connector

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The Model 370 Intercom Beltpack starts with the features required of traditional broadcast 2-channel party-line (PL) intercom user devices and adds the advanced performance and capabilities that Dante audio-over-Ethernet provides. Over a standard IP network, multiple Model 370 units can be used in PL intercom applications with help from an external Dante-enabled audio matrix. Or, units can be used "point-to-point" or directly interfaced with ports on compatible matrix intercom systems. Only a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection is required for operation. Key user features can be easily configured including preamplifier gain, talk button operation, and headphone signal routing. User features include integrated sidetone, remote microphone off, and call alerting. This capability, along with the great audio quality provided